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Director of Business Development for RESICAP

About Paul Gozzo

Paul Gozzo has over ten years of experience in the real estate industry and is currently serving as the Director of Business Development for RESICAP and its subsidiary companies. As Director of Business Development for RESICAP, Ameritrust Residential Services, WRI Property Management, and RCM National Realty, Gozzo specializes in working with Single Family Residential (SFR) investors providing services for all of their needs, which is a responsibility he enjoys thoroughly.

Since Paul Gozzo is the Director of Business Development for all of RESICAP and its subsidiary companies, he works closely with each branch closely assisting with operations where he can while planning for future growth and new business with new clients. Fortunately, many of RESICAP’S clients expand with RESICAP, so subsidiary companies continue to grow without adding too many new clients. As the construction division of RESICAP, Gozzo works with Ameritrust to provide renovation solutions for individual single family homes. These renovations can span anywhere from minor cosmetic changes to large, expansive projects. To date, Ameritrust has renovated over 18,000 properties for third-party institutional clients.

WRI Property Management focuses on managing single-family rental homes for larger institutional owners. Generally, WRI clients also work with RESICAP in one or more other ways whether that is through acquisition sourcing, renovations, maintenance services or dispositions. Not only does WRI assist with leasing and managing single family rental homes, but this division also helps clients with any legal matters they may have after acquisition or currently with their rental units including evictions.

On the front end, RESICAP Advisory has assisted third parties with underwriting auction and REO properties as well as purchasing those units. Currently, RESICAP offers comprehensive valuation services in all 50 states plus D.C and Puerto Rico. RESICAP Advisory’s differentiator, or edge, is that the company has such a close working relationship with Ameritrust and WRI. Because of this, they can use past historical data along with boots on the ground to offer highly accurate valuation services for clients looking to determine the actual As-Is value of a single family home.
This is also beneficial for deciding the after repair value of a unit that requires rehab and is then either sold or invested and includes a clear explanation of what the value of the particular asset is or could be.

As a single source solution, RESICAP works to satisfy all client needs as a full-service real estate provider offering in-house services to institutional SFR investors throughout the United States. For Paul Gozzo, it is an honor and privilege to work with the incredibly talented team that operates RESICAP companies especially the co-founding partners who Paul will forever be grateful to.

Before working with RESICAP, Paul Gozzo operated his own businesses in Research and Real Estate.

Due to a well-seasoned staff and terrific client relationships, RESICAP and all subsidiary companies have expanded to cover 40 states with over 500 employees, and by the end of 2018, RESICAP and all subsidiary companies will be operating in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. with over 1,000 employees.