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A native of beautiful Avon, Connecticut, Paul Gozzo was always aware of two sides of himself: the go-getter and the easy-going outdoor explorer. Hey, the serene setting he found himself surrounded by certainly helped, and his love for the scenic only increased when he enrolled in Avon Old Farms School. “I played a lot of hockey,” says Paul when asked about his high school years. “I helped lead the team to the 1996 Easter College Athletic Conference Championship, and my senior year I was fortunate enough to be chosen as Team Captain.” But the most important thing he gained from that time is friendship, something he prioritizes even to this day.

Anyone who knows Paul Gozzo knows him as a friend and mentor. He actually goes out of his way to find people he can help grow into strong leaders. But the glory days aren’t relegated to that easy and free time playing hockey at Amherst, and Paul’s passion for life is as infectious as ever. “One of the things I love about what I get to do – focusing in on Single-Family Rentals for a moment – is the ability to forge new friendships with clients and to see formerly neglected properties restored to modern glory for new inhabitants to enjoy.” That passion for beauty hasn’t faded, and Paul’s work with RESICAP, as well as his own real estate endeavors, are manifestations of his desire to make great things by making things great. For Paul, Single-Family Rentals are a sign of opportunity in real estate, and he’s passionate about getting the word out.


“Single-Family Rentals are a sign of opportunity.”

РPaul Gozzo 


In his spare time, Paul Gozzo enjoys hiking, golfing, hunting, and fishing. This is also the part where “and spending time with family is typically added,” but Paul was sure to make it known that family isn’t an afterthought. “If I sacrifice my family on the alter of ‘career’, then I’ve got it all backwards. For me, my family inspires me to keep pushing and to hit new goals. It’s never about choosing between the two, but finding ways to create balance and to give myself grace when that balancing act gets a bit lopsided.”


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