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Insights & Updates on Single-Family Rentals

Husband, father of two, and real estate entrepreneur, Paul Gozzo has built a career in real estate investing and business development as a trusted leader and passionate professional.


What’s He Up to Now?

Paul Gozzo serves as the Director of Business Development for RESICAP, Ameritrust Residential Services, WRI Property Management, and RCM National Realty. RESICAP is the leading vertically integrated solution for institutional owners of single-family residential assets in the United States. For Paul, the work is rewarding and fun, and it’s allowed him to do something he does best, focus in on the niche institutional investment strategy in the SFR asset class, an asset class he’s been on the front end of ever since it emerged as a viable alternative investment strategy for institutional investors in real estate over the past decade.

Looking for the Latest?

Accounting Basics For Owners Of Rental Properties

For all rental property owners that are just starting their business, it’s essential to know some basics of accounting. It’s a foolproof way of not having to pay someone else to bookkeep your investments, and you can analyze more details of your portfolio, such as...

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To Build Your Own Rental Portfolio, or Buy a REIT: Explained

A popular question amongst real estate investors that are either experienced or first starting out is, “do I build my own rental portfolio by buying the hard assets or should I just buy real estate through investment vehicles like trusts or a REIT”?   If you don’t...

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Fundamentals For Increasing ROI On Rental Properties

As a real estate investor, your number one goal is to increase the return on investment or ROI on every property you currently own or will own in the future. However, there is no single method that works on every property as there are many factors that play into the...

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How Does AI Impact Single-Family Home Investing?

While there have been many technological improvements for single-family real estate investors over the past several years, most geared at making access easier for smaller investors, nothing has had a significant impact leading to the possibility of changing access to...

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Measuring Your ROI in Single-Family Real Estate

Investing in single-family real estate is similar to any other type of asset-backed investment. However, it is perhaps one of the most challenging components of purchasing real estate investment property because a home has more components that can cause potential...

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With over ten years of experience in the real estate industry, Paul Gozzo was an early advocate for the importance of zeroing in on single-family rentals. With a keen interest and seemingly intrinsic knack for helping Single Family Residential (SFR) investors with their needs – a responsibility he enjoys thoroughly – Paul has built a name for himself as a trusted leader in the SFR landscape. Taking that real world experience and looking to better educate and edify the online SFR community, Paul’s been building up an online database of trusted material to help budding enthusiasts and seasoned specialists better equip themselves for the fast-paced sector of Single-Family Rentals.